Delgado Guitars, LLC


Since 1928, Delgado Guitars has been a family business. Started by Manuel’s grandfather and great-uncle, then passed down to Manuel’s father. Manuel A. Delgado is the youngest child of Candelario "Candelas" Delgado, but the first to begin in the family guitar business. He was playing guitar by age five, repairing guitars by age seven, and built his first guitar at the age of 12 to beat his father's record of 14.

In 2002, Manuel was also the sole creator of the "Unity Guitar" and its purpose in helping the undocumented victims of 9/11. Manuel knows this project was inspired by God. He doesn't take all the credit for the final outcome of the project, many friends offered their assistance to make the project work and change the lives that were helped. After all, he named it "The Unity Guitar" to represent unity and togetherness

In 2005, Manuel and Julie Delgado moved to Nashville, TN. He quickly built a great reputation in Nashville in a short period of time and somewhat "starting over" in Nashville is something in which he's proud. "I was humbled by God and knew that anything worth having in life would be a fight, plus I could relate better to the musicians who are doing the very same thing for their passions and dreams."

Today, Delgado Guitars is run and operated by Manuel Delgado and with the addition of his daughters, Ava Canción and Lila Armonía, Manuel and his wife Julie pray to be around for a long time. Already being highlighted in "The Fretboard Journal", "Tennessee Crossroads", "NPR", and featured in a "BOSE" commercial, Manuel Delgado has proven he makes a product that is sincere and of quality.

Before you make a decision to purchase a guitar somewhere else, give Manuel a call and you'll see why they have built such a strong reputation on their achievements alone.

Does your guitar have a story?