Deep Trip has been offering vintage sounds, with modern features and infinite possibilities since April 2007. Our pedals carry Switchcraft connectors made in USA, hi-fi standards WIMA capacitors made in Germany, low noise high precision Vishay-DALE resistors, Alpha potentiometers and footswitches.

Pedals sold here ship directly from our shop in São Paulo, Brazil, to anywhere in the world. We export pedals every week, so we know all the paperwork and all the details to get your unit to you as fast as possible, no worries or hassles! We usually ship by mail (post office, USPS, Royal Mail etc.), please let us know if you need anything different from that.

Please, browse our website for full text description, lots of professional demos and all the info you may want about us and our products. Feel free to ask us anything, we're here to help! All messages go directly through Deep Trip owner and developer, Du Menegozzo.