I am selling my “stash” the big bunch of saved cool stuff, saved from all the rest. The best of the best. The best of a few dozen of the same pedal, or speaker, or amp, or guitar. Stuff you and I keep just for ourselves for “the future” or for when we get time to make that perfect stage setup.

Well this is that stash. Time got ahead of me and I will not have time or the opportunity to use all this great stuff so I have begun to make it available on Reverb.com. I am not cutting down a bloated collection, I have already done that. Each item is something I very much would never have wanted to part with. So check it out. I’ll maybe give more info than you find on others listings, and everyone has liked my “useless information” bits of trivia and stories related to the item. Look for more and more as I get time to list it all.

Some history stuff:

I started business as Torres Guitars and Torres Engineering for 43 years with my guitar and vacuum tube amplifier repair, mod and custom shops. Before and during that time I was a gigging musician in the Los Angeles Rock and Jazz club and recording studio scene.
Also was on the road for 5 years straight. In that time you get to see, fix, modify, own and make lots of cool gear. Being an equipment junkie I can’t pass up a good trade or trade-in or purchase.

My Book "Inside Tube Amps" amazon.com/dp/B01M3PQR5M has become the bible for beginner tube amp builders and for professionals too. It is available on Kindle
Torres Guitar kits and Amp mod kits were the first on the market and lead the music business for many years. The Torres Engineering website and mail order catalog were a staple for tech minded musicians for over 30 years.

I have designed a custom line of Guitar Pickups (and rewinding), Torres Custom tube amps, and Torres Guitars - custom made guitars.

Being a working rock guitarist all my life and with all this other stuff, I have ended up with a pile of very "juicy" stuff for all you guys. I will be getting it listed ASAP over the next couple of years (yeah, that much). I do not believe I should hold on to so very, very many fantastic items.

It may seem that everything listed is "the best" and, well, it is. this is what all of us call our personal stash. Everything I had listened to, checked out, and saved-set aside for myself over 40 + years of owning a top end guitar repair, amp repair and custom shop for guitars, amps, electronics, pickups and new musical musical instrument design. I have about 40 patents.

Lots of Vintage stuff, Pedals are one in a million, pickups are the very best of the best (I make pickups) guitars are the absolute finest trimmed down from a collection of 250, (I make guitars) and all kinds of great "goodies". Special unique, good looking, vintage cool stuff.

Age catches up. quickly. the future came and passed. My future is in the rear view mirror. This stuff is for you now.

I won't be jumping over pianos or lifting SVT's any more.
I am retired now and do not take phone calls, sorry.