Classic Axe Guitar Gallery has been doing music retail since 1992 in Manassas Va. when it was known as Classic Axe Guitar Shop, a strictly used and vintage instrument and amp shop.
We eventually added new brands along the way such as Heritage guitars in '93,PRS in '94, Dean guitars &Schecter Guitar Research in'95, Hamer USA in '96 G&L in '99, Rickenbacker in '2002 and Gretsch guitars in 2007. (Many more over the years including amps and acoustics) Some of those brands we currently carry and some no longer. A few we've even had plaques presented to us for "Dealer of the Year".
In 2006 demographics dictated a move for us to Gainesville Va. where we expanded our lessons program. Still a large part of our business plan.
I'm a musician myself and have been a bit of a nice/ unique guitar hoarder over the years. I plan to use reverb.com as a platform for offering up some of these pieces along with a lot of NOS merchandise we have had in store or come across in our storage at very reasonable prices.
We've recently moved to Tyler Texas and are resuming a strictly on line presence.