Carisa Coronado

Carisa Coronado

I met Sandy in Vail Colorado at a sporting goods store. It wasn't just any store it was the largest chain serving Denver and most of Colorado. She was a sweetheart and I asked her out. She accepted an…
About Carisa Coronado

I met Sandy in Vail Colorado at a sporting goods store. It wasn't just any store it was the largest chain serving Denver and most of Colorado. She was a sweetheart and I asked her out. She accepted and I took her to her favorite French restaurant. It was a fantastic evening and we had great chemistry and even greater sex together. We dated the remainder of my vacation and for the last three days we hit it off. She invited me to return to Vail before the ski season ended and I agreed. Sandy was a very cute 26-year-old young woman with long light brown hair. She was an excellent skier and very fit. At 5'3" she had an appealing 34-28-34 figure and weighed a trim 110 pounds. I loved skiing behind her as she was poetry in motion. Me, at 28, I was an athletic guy and a good skier. At 6'1" and 185 pounds, I was proud of my physical fitness. I loved the Rockies. We hooked up in January the first time and then I returned to Vail in early March before all the spring breakers. At the time I was working in Chicago for a consulting firm. I still had two weeks of vacation coming and one week was already booked for a SCUBA trip later that fall. So, when Sandy invited me to stay at the Sport Company's condo in Vail, I jumped at the opportunity. She told me that they had condos in most of the ski areas and often invited clients to stay there. That March I arrived on the 3rd and planned to stay the entire week through the 10th. I flew into Denver International Airport and took the shuttle to Vail. Sandy told me that she would meet me at the condo. When I checked in at the front desk I asked if Sandy had arrived. The receptionist told me that someone had checked in earlier. I was thrilled that she had arrived and I could not wait until we were in the sack again. I went to the condo and let myself in. It was quiet and I assumed that Sandy might be taking a nap. I quietly put my skis in the rack and left my luggage in the foyer. Looking around I saw that it was one-bedroom condo with a full kitchen, dining area and a great room with a fireplace. I moved around as quietly as possible and looked in the bedroom. Sandy was in bed lying on her side with her back turned toward the door. The bedcovers covered her lower body but it was clear that she was naked from the waist up. Her long silky hair draped over her shoulders. Without making a sound, I removed my clothes and when I was naked, I eased into the bed. Slipping under the covers our naked bodies made contact and I put my arms around her searching for her breasts. However, there were no breasts. The body in bed leaped out and turned to face me. It was not Sandy but some guy with a boner. I could not believe that there was a guy in the room. I yelled at him. "Who the fuck are you?" "Oh shit, you must be Matt. I can explain. I'm Gordy, Sandy's twin brother. She couldn't make it this weekend and she asked me to ski with you." "You're her brother? Well yes, I can see the resemblance. Why were you naked in bed?" "Sorry, I always sleep in the nude. I didn't expect you until later." "Yeah, I got an early flight. Tell you what. Let's put on some clothes and have a beer. I need to know what is going on." "Good idea, you brought beer." "Yes, just a six pack, we can get some more later." I slipped my boxer underwear back on and as I did, I looked at Gordy. He did look just like his sister particularly with his long hair. He was slender like her and seemingly fit. I could not help notice that he had shapely legs like Sandy. However, what really got my attention was his ass. It was perfect in every aspect. It was round, curvy, protruding and flawless. In fact his entire body was flawless, His skin was smooth, virtually hairless and absent of any blemishes. Up to that moment, I had never seen such a perfect ass and this one belonged to a guy. I had only had anal sex twice and both times I enjoyed it. The girls wanted it and they both had nice bottoms but nothing like Gordy's. Sandy had a cute derriere but her brother had her beat. Gordy put on a pair of loose-fitting shorts for which I was grateful. We adjourned to the great room and popped open a couple of beers. "So, Gordy, tell me about the change in plans." "You know my sister works for the sports chain. Well, they needed her in Colorado Springs for the weekend. She's hoping to be here on Tuesday." "Why didn't she call me?" "I guess because you were traveling. She called me and asked me to meet you here, ski with you and keep you company until she arrived." "Got it but I sure didn't expect you to be naked in bed." "Sorry about that but as I said, I thought you were coming in later. I decided to catch a short nap." "You had me fooled. Looking at you with your back to me, you looked like your sister." "Yeah, I get that a lot. It's the long hair." "It's more than the hair. You are both about the same stature." "I guess. What do you want to do for dinner? I picked up stuff earlier for breakfast but that's it." "How does pizza sound? We can order one for take out and pick up some more beer." "I like that." We finished our first beer, got dressed and went out to pickup pizza and beer. Later back in the condo we enjoyed the pizza had a couple of beers and continued chatting and getting acquainted. When it was time to hit the sack, Gordy made a request. "Is it okay that I sleep in one of the beds in the bedroom until my sister arrives. When she gets here, I sleep in the pullout sofa bed." "Sure, but do me a favor, put something on. Don't sleep in the nude." "Gottcha!" We went into the bedroom and took turns using the bathroom. Gordy put on a pair of knit sleep shorts. They were so tight that every curve of his bottom was obvious. I think the sleep shorts added to the allure of his ass. He might as well have been naked. I put my boxers on and said goodnight. We slept soundly in the two queen size beds until morning. Gordy was the first one up and I heard the shower running. I got up to take my morning piss and saw his image through the glass door of the shower. He had his back to me and I again admired his ass. How could a guy be possessed with an ass like that, I wondered? I finished peeing, brushed my teeth and went to the kitchen to make coffee. Minutes later Gordy joined me in the kitchen for coffee and breakfast. He was wearing black thermal pants that fit him like a glove. His shapely legs and curvy bottom were distinctly outlined. We had juice, cereal and coffee. I took a quick shower and when I was drying myself, I saw that Gordy was checking out my package. At that moment, I suspected that he might be gay. We got dressed in out ski clothes and boots. Grabbing our skis, we walked through the village to the chairlift. Gordy suggested warming up on blue runs before tackling any blacks. I agreed and we skied blues all morning until we broke for lunch. We skied all the way down the mountain and dined in the village. After lunch we skied black runs but not the back bowls. Those we would ski on Monday. The skiing was great and Gordy was a very accomplished skier, better than me and better than Sandy. We stopped at an après ski place afterward and had nachos and beers while we listened to a trio. It was 8:00 PM when we got back to the condo and Gordy wanted to hit the Jacuzzi. I agreed to join him. We donned our swim wear, grabbed some towels and headed for the lower level. The place was really first class as it had a pool, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and exercise room. Gordy had worn loose fitting nylon shorts over his swimsuit. When he removed them, I was treated to another view of his shapely ass. He was wearing a Speedo that hugged his ass like a second skin. It was a skimpy bikini like bottom. Surprisingly, I actually felt my cock twitch from looking at his ass. We sat in the Jacuzzi for about 30 minutes, moving around and using different jets. When the timer went off, Gordy stood up and he had a boner which was evident in his Speedo. I was ready to get out and he agreed. Once again, I stared at his ass as we dried off. "Gordy, you had a boner when you stood up." "Oh, sorry about that, it happens sometimes. I feel one of those jets on my anus and I get excited." I didn't say anything but I realized that he was letting me know that his ass was sensitive. Now, I was really convinced that he was gay. It all made sense. The shapely slender body with the killer ass and the long hair. I just put my thoughts aside and thought about Sandy arriving Tuesday. SEDUCED On Monday after breakfast, we headed straight for the back bowls. It had been another morning of Gordy showing off his ass and me trying to block it out. Once we were on the slopes it was back to normal. We skied the bowls all morning and Gordy gave me some great tips. My technique improved and I was using less energy. We stopped at Far East for lunch and afterward took it easy on easier blacks and blue runs. We stopped at the après ski place again for food, beer and entertainment. When we git back to the condo, there was a message from Sandy. She couldn't make it on Tuesday. In fact, she didn't think that she would make it at all that week. They were shorthanded at the Colorado Springs Store and she had to work there to help out. I was bummed out. I undressed and put on a pair of nylon shorts and opened a beer. Sitting in the family room, I thought about Sandy. I was hoping to be with her. The skiing was great, sure, but I wanted to sleep with her. As I was thinking about things going south, Gordy entered the room and got a beer. I looked at him wearing those enticing tight sleep shorts. His ass looked great, if only he were a girl, I thought. He joined me in the great room. "Bummer about my sister huh?" "It sucks, no offense. You're good company and a great skier." "I can be more than that." "What are you saying?" "I know you were hoping to sleep with my sister. I could fill in for her." "Gordy, I thought that you might be gay but I'm not." "You don't have to be gay to enjoy a good blow job. I bet you that I will be as good as any woman you've had." "I don't think that I could do that." "I bet you could. Let's try it and if you don't like it. We'll stop." "I don't know." "Come on, give it a shot." "No one can know." "No one will unless you tell them." I don't know why I gave in so easy. Maybe it was because I knew that Sandy would not be there and I was horny. Whatever it was I went with the flow. Gordy approached my chair and knelt in front of me. He hooked his finger in my shots and slid them down and off my legs. Before taking me in his mouth, he ran his tongue the length of my shaft as it got hard and emerged into a full erection. It was the first time he saw me hard and he liked my 7+". For the next several minutes he teased me unmercifully. His tongue circled the shaft and he nibbled on the soft mushroom head. When he finally took me in his mouth, he had a technique of swirling his tongue around my cock. He would also take me deep in his mouth and let this tongue slide down the shaft. He wasn't just giving me a blow job but he was making love to my cock. I was incredibly turned on and ready to shoot at any moment. Gordy was right, he was the best ever. "Gordy, I am getting close. I'm going to cum." He kept on sucking my dick and I exploded in his mouth. As soon as the first stream jetted into his mouth, he pulled my cock out and stroked it. Five more forceful streams flew out and landed on the floor. He stroked my cock until most of my seed had been drained and then he took it back in his mouth and sucked me dry. I slouched in the chair and let out a big sigh. "So, what do you think? How was it?" "I think you know the answer. You are good, very good." "The best ever?" "Yes, I would have to say the best ever." "Good, I wanted to please you. Your cock is still hard, do you want to fuck me?" "I don't know if I'm ready for that." "Sure, you are. You're checking my ass out all the time. When I'm on my belly, I will look just like my sister from behind. You can do it." "It still feels weird." "Let's go to the bedroom." Like in a trance I followed Gordy into the bedroom. He slipped off his sleep shorts and got in bed face down. Using a tube of something he squirted a substance in his anus and fingered it briefly. I was still hard and suddenly anxious to shove my cock in his scrumptious ass. He told me he was ready and I got in bed and straddled his body. My legs were outside his and I used my arms to keep my weight from crushing him. Gordy reached back and took a hold of my throbbing cock. He guided me into his ass and I entered him slowly. It was a wonderful feeling and even a more glorious sight to watch my cock in his shapely ass. I began fucking him slowly and then picked up the pace. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of my body slapping against his buttocks and his groans of pleasure. He began calling out for me to fuck him harder and faster. I was going as fast as I could and I could feel his buttocks jiggle with each thrust. I felt another release building within me but I was determined to cum in his ass. My rapid movement slowed when I felt the surge in my loins. I pressed forward and ejaculated into his rectum which began to grip and release my cock. For some reason I felt that I should hug him and I slipped my hands under his body. I caressed his smooth skin but soon realized that I was crushing him with my weight. I rolled to the side with my cock still in his ass. Gordy was stroking his cock and I remained in his ass. I was surprised that my cock was still hard. Then I felt his sphincter tighten around my shaft as he ejaculated onto the bedsheets. I was still holding him and caressing his smooth chest. It was odd because I knew it was Gordy but I felt like it was a girl. We stayed cuddled together for several minutes and my cock eventually softened and slipped from his ass. "That was wonderful! How was it for you?" "It was good, very strange but good." Gordy got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I was sure that he was cleansing himself and douching his ass. When he came out, I went in and got cleaned up. I returned to the bedroom and he smiled at me, wished me good night and said he would see me in the morning. I got in bed and it took a while for me to doze off. A lot had happened that night and I realized that it was only Monday. I would be with Gordy until Saturday. AN ENCORE ON TUESDAY Tuesday morning l lay in bed thinking about what had happened and I was somewhat embarrassed. The shower was running and I knew that Gordy was up. I waited until the shower was turned off before I got out of bed. Walking into the bathroom, I saw a naked Gordy brushing his teeth over the sink. My eyes went right to his curvy ass and I still was amazed at how much it protruded out. It took will power to walk by without touching that gorgeous derriere but I did and I showered. As I washed myself in the shower, I thought of his ass and my cock got hard. He had left the bathroom for which I was thankful, at least I thought I was. If he had still been at the sink, I was sure that I would have fucked him again. I brushed my teeth and put on a pair of sweats before going in the kitchen. He was busy getting the breakfast items out and he was wearing those tight thermal pants. I felt my loins stir but once again maintained discipline and poured a cup of coffee. "Good morning, how did you sleep?" "Out like a light, how about you?" "Yeah me too." That was it, no mention of sex and he behaved as if nothing had happened between us. We had juice, cereal and coffee before getting dressed and heading for the slopes. Getting to the back bowls we warmed up on the trails along the way. We skied the bowls all morning taking one hot chocolate break. We ate lunch at Far East and then skied the face of the mountain for the rest of the day. We didn't stay long at the after-ski lounge and just had a burger and a couple of beers. I sensed that Gordy was anxious to get back to the condo and I had to admit, I was too. We would hit the Jacuzzi again that evening but not before we fucked again. As we undressed, I could not resist grabbing his shapely buttock. He wiggled his ass in response and then we were back in bed. This time I was kneeling behind him as he got on all fours. "Here use this." Gordy handed me a tube of lubricant. I had lubed a girl's ass before but using Vaseline. I looked at the tube and it was labeled Anal Ease. Obviously, Gordy had planned to get fucked this week and I guessed that he planned to seduce me all along. I spread the lube on his anus and probed him with one and then two fingers. I also lubed my cock before easing it into his lovely ass. The cock head squeezed in and cleared his sphincter and then my length filled his rectum. The sensation was fabulous and indescribable. To watch my cock slide in and out of such a shapely and desirable ass was the most erotic experience ever. I loved squeezing and fondling his curvy buttocks as I fucked him. I knew that I was fucking a guy but with him on all fours with his cock hidden from view, I could have been fucking his twin sister. Once again it was not going to take long for me to cum and he sensed that. "Don't cum in me this time. Cum on me." Fulfilling his request, when I was close, I pulled out and let my cock rest between the cheeks of his ass. Looking down at him, I was reminded of a hot dog in a bun. It's what it resembled with my stiff dick between his buns. I moved back and forth and pressed his buttocks in tight over my cock. I could feel the surge and then I exploded. Streams of my seed shot out and covered him from his shoulders down to his buttocks. It was a huge load and he was cum drenched. I don't know why but I put my cock back in his ass and started to fuck him again. He slowly moved to a prone position and I followed him down keeping my cock in his ass. Gordy had a way of pushing his ass up toward me and I loved the feel of his buttocks against my body. Sensitive to not crushing him with my body weight, I used my arms to keep my weight off of him. I knew that I would cum again, it would just take a while longer. The way he threw his ass up at me was really a turn-on. He would push up and I would thrust into him. He was a great fuck and I had to admit probably the best butt fuck I ever had. I don't know how long we were at it before I came the second time. The feeling was exhilarating as this time I ejaculated into his ass. He worked his sphincter and I felt the gripping action around my shaft. "Oh, that was wonderful, I felt you cumming in me." I was speechless as I had just had two mind blowing ejaculations. My cock was still hard in his ass but I didn't think that I could cum again so soon. He told me to roll to our sides and I did so while keeping my cock in him. His hand flew over his cock and I knew that he wanted to cum with me still in him. I wrapped my arms around his smooth upper body much like I would do with a woman. Within minutes, I could feel his sphincter grip my cock signaling his ejaculation. He whispered. "Stay in my bed tonight with me." I knew what that meant and I knew that I would probably fuck him again before morning. That's exactly what happened. We fell asleep in the spoon position but sometime in the late night or early morning hour, my cock got hard and I put it back in his ass. I fucked him slowly until I came and I left my cock in him. At one point my cock slipped from his ass but we both remained in a deep slumber. NO SKIING BUT MORE POLE PLANTING We had decided to take a day off from skiing which was always a good idea. We would pick it up again on Thursday and Friday. I woke up slowly on Wednesday morning and had to pee in the worst way. I made my way into the bathroom, took my morning piss and returned to bed. Neither Gordy or I were in any hurry to get up that morning. I did doze and went back to sleep.

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