Built by Ryan


These pedals are made for people who appreciate owning something that is entirely one of a kind. No two will ever look the same I make them one at a time. They are not a mass produced cans of fx. I do this because I love it! I am not trying to get rich I just want a simple life hanging with my wife kid and dogs and jamming with buddies and listening to music 24/7. If I won the lottery I'd seriously make them for free. Until that happens I charge what I need to keep the wheels moving. -Ryan LeWin

Hello and welcome to Built By Ryan boutique. A place where all the effect pedals are built with passion one at a time in the Arizona desert. All my pedals are made old school style, on custom vero/strip boards with mojo through hole components. No PCB's! No SMD (surface mount). They are 100% handmade not just a few wires hooking a premade board to jacks and a switch like many who throw around handmade like it doesn't mean anything.

I called it Built by Ryan because that's what this is. It is just me (Ryan LeWin) I think them up, custom make the boards, drill the boxes, paint them, assemble, make the demos, and answer your questions.

I've been a musician my whole life I mainly am a bass player but have a heathy guitar and drum addition too. As a Bonafide gear hound I have been buying and selling gear for many years I started building and modifying my own in April of 2014. I won a best new builder award from madbean pedals for a green DR. Boogie I built. I enjoy building pedals that look Different and stand out on your board. I always sell them for a very affordable price, even when they take me days to make. I know how hard it is to obtain amazing gear $$$. I love helping people get a sound that they can be proud of and still have rent and beer money.

My Modded pedals and used gear will be on here as well.

With my pedals I try to always use great parts. 1% 1/4 watt precision resistors (unless I am doing some MOJO build with stackpole molded vintage style). Fat film caps, I like bright LEDS so if you want it not so bright just let me know I can take it down a peg. I do a variety of finishes. sometimes I order power coated because for solid colors they can be nice. For what I paint mostly It is enamel based paints and clear coated unless otherwise noted (satin finish or matte). I like spacey paint and lots of color. If you don't just message me I can do a bare metal one or a solid color.