Joe Doe Guitars

Hi, I'm Ben, and by day I'm a screenwriter in the movie and TV business, and by night (and weekends) I build custom, retro inspired guitars, each telling their own unique story.

Every Joe Doe creation is a labour of love, made with passion, finished in nitrocellulose and adorned with the finest hardware and pickups money can buy. Like any good story, it only needs to be told once - so every guitar I make is a one off, never to be repeated and regurgitated like a tired Hollywood franchise... Spiderman number what now?

I am fiercely proud of what I make here in the workshop - my aim is for you to enjoy playing and oggling the guitars as much as I've loved building them.

If you have any questions, try the FAQ's on the Joe Doe website, otherwise contact me here through

Happy days to you all,

Ben at Joe Doe Guitars