With an original family history going back to 1962, Beagle Music Online is a second generation music dealership that has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands by providing goods and services associated with the exciting and joyful world of music.

It started decades ago, selling recorded music for a wide variety of genres. First were vinyl formats, such as L.P'.s and 45'.s, then continued with eight tracks and cassettes, and finally participated in the digital era with C.D.'s.

Today Beagle Music Online specializes in the retail of high-quality string, brass, and woodwind instruments; such as Takamine guitars, Yamaha violin and wind families of instruments, and other great value opportunities.

Beagle Music Online continually strives to satisfy its customers by offering, at a highly competitive market price, quality products, and services that incorporate new and traditional technologies, refined creativity and artistry.

It is the vision of Beagle Music Online to continue promoting the creation, reproduction, and enjoyment of music throughout our communities, and our mission is to exceed the expectations of music enthusiasts within those communities.

Thank you for visiting Beag;e Music Online's web page and we sincerely hope to serve you!