Axe Palace


The Axe Palace exists today as a response to the frustrations that we ourselves have faced while doing business with all kinds of musical instrument retailers. Lets face it, there are some awesome music stores out there and there are some that are very hard to work with. How many places can you go where you know that anything you walk out with will be fantastic? The AP was conceived and envisioned based on four key values that we extend to every customer:

1. We only carry products that we personally believe in, instruments, amplifiers and accessories that we use ourselves and would recommend to friends.

2. An undying devotion to top quality construction and engineering in the products we carry. Musicians demand so much from their instruments. High quality not only inspires artistic ingenuity, but relieves the burdens and concerns of lower quality instruments, amplifiers and accessories. The AP does not carry shady instruments or equipment, only top-notch quality brands. You simply cannot walk out of our store with something junky.

3. It sounds simple, but customer service. We want the process of finding your sound or locating that guitar you have been looking for to be not only easy, but fun. We love to educate our customers and share opinions based on first-hand experience, but we also look to learn from our customers in every transaction and communication. We are not impossible to get on the phone or to sort an issue out with, and we promise to go the extra mile for you in your search for information and testing before you make a purchase.

4. Technical expertise. We are a gear-head company catering to gear-head customers. We love the details! You will always see high quality images of instruments on our website, and we only carry products that we have extensive knowledge of. Need to know what pickup would work with your guitar? What tubes to put in your amp? What guitar might work based on the sounds you like? We would never recommend something to upsell or rid ourselves of slow moving inventory, and our technical expertise allows us to truly help you find something that you will love.

That is what The Axe Palace is all about. I always enjoy interacting with everyone, so please feel free to get in touch anytime if you have any questions, inquiries, or simply want to talk tone!

Cheers :)

Store Hours: M-F 12PM-8PM, Sat 12-6PM, Sunday by appointment.

Brands we sell: Bare Knuckle Pickup, Charvel, Dean, Diamond, DiMarzio, ENGL, ESP, Flaxwood, Framus, GJ2, G&L, Hughes & Kettner, Ibanez, Jackson, James Trussart, Lundgren PIckups, Mayones, Mesa/Boogie, Mezzabarba, Orange, Parker, PRS, Schecter, Soldano, Splawn, Taurus, Warwick, Washburn, and much more!