Tone-Guard® Custom Shop Outlet Store

Welcome to the Tone-Guard® Custom Shop Outlet Store - This store is for our Daily Deals!. The deals include: Overstock, Blems, Limited Edition Parts, One-of-a-Kind Custom Parts, Prototype Guitars, Customized Guitars, Amp Chassis and Other Cool Gear. All of these Tone-Guard® and Instrumental Arts® parts are made in the USA, in Southern California. Today's cell phones, WiFi and other EMI/RFI radiation emitters cause circuit noise. Using a Tone-Guard® will greatly reduce that noise.

We will also sell some of our gear here that has been acquired over the years, including some cool guitars and vintage guitar parts. Stay tuned! Deals are here!

We have been making anodized pick guards and control covers, custom knobs, and sterling silver switch tips for 8 years. We make parts for more than 60 models of guitars and basses. The brands we cover include Fender®, Gibson®, G&L®, Rickenbaker®, PRS®, and many others.

We are following in Leo Fender's footsteps. Leo used aluminum pickguards and control covers on his early creations, lapsteels, and guitars. He continued that thru G&L, his last guitar company.