How to Promote Your Listings on Reverb

Tens of thousands of instruments and pieces of gear are listed on Reverb every day by sellers all around the world. With so many listings competing for attention, it’s important to make sure that your listings are being seen by as many potential buyers as possible. The more eyes you can get on your gear, the more likely you are to find a buyer.

While there are several things that you, as a seller, can be doing to drive more traffic to your shop, we’re going to take a look at three of the most effective ways to get your gear some positive attention.

Create High-Quality Listings

One of the most overlooked ways that buyers can attract buyers to their listings is with the listing itself. Having attractive photos, clean titles, and creative descriptions boosts your gear’s curb appeal, enticing buyers to take a look. And the best part? It doesn’t cost a thing.

Below are some best practices for improving these three sections of your listing.

This guitar is well lit, in-focus, and just the right size.This guitar is well lit, in-focus, and just the right size.

Take Attractive Photos

Even for new gear, it's better not to rely on stock photos. Taking the extra time to take your own will set you apart from other sellers and can be the reason that the buyer decides to do business with your shop over the competition.

When it comes down to staging your photos, try to keep the theme relatively uniform across all of your listings. Using the same background in all of your pictures can help brand your shop, making it more recognizable and memorable to buyers.

Lastly, it's important to take close-up shots of any and all blemishes anywhere on your item. Making sure that all imperfections are photographed and detailed before the sale is finalized will reduce the likelihood of a return.

Clean Up Your Titles

Listing titles are really important for a variety of reasons. Sellers should stick only to the make, model, and year of their item here. If the title becomes too long and convoluted, it will discourage clicks from potential buyers and negatively impact how searchable your listing is.

Write Creative Descriptions

The description is the one place on your listing where you can (and should) be creative. Tell a fun story about how you got the instruments, an anecdote from gigging with it, or why you've decided to pass it along. Make sure that you're thorough and accurate when it comes to your item's condition and any potential issues, but otherwise, let your personality shine through.

Bump Your Listings

Bumping is the quickest way to get more visibility for your listings on Reverb. Bumps place your gear in premium locations on the website like the homepage, related search results, category pages, handpicked collections, and brand pages.

All you have to do to take advantage of bumps is head to your Listings page and set your own Bump rate as a percentage of your item’s final sale price.

You can read more about bumping new listings here.

Participate in Site-Wide Sales

The last tip that we have for increasing the number of eyes you can get on your listings is to participate in site-wide sale opportunities. At various times of year, Reverb hosts 15% off sales that Reverb Preferred Sellers are able to opt pieces of their inventory into.

Participating into these sales has a variety of benefits for sellers. Reverb puts extra marketing efforts into our site-wide sales, and as a result, sellers who opt-in all of their eligible inventory see a 130% increase in order volume on average. Also, even if you don't opt all of your inventory into the sale, including some attractive listings can help drive people to your shop and even get eyes on the pieces you didn't include.

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