PARATEK - aesthetics of the Soviet cyberpunk!
Ideas, inspired by retrofuturism and postatomic romance and implemented in the author's eurorack modules.
Our modules almost entirely handmade and a little unsightly but they emit warm tube light and mood, along the way solving simple related tasks.
Reasonable current consumption allows you to combine several devices in one system without power overload.
A variety of options and individual approach to the construction of each module will allow you to style and add personality to your modular system. And of coarse they will impress the audience during the performance.

*Please note!

• Some of our modules do not fit in mononut holes, despite the fact that is made strictly according to instructions from doepfer.
• Some front panels have very small , insignificant scratches, unfortunately it is normal for that technology which is used for drawing the image and can confuse only the perfectionist, but I consider it as the duty to warn you about it. If this is unacceptable for you, please make an order, contact me before payment and I will send you detailed photos directly of your module. Hope for your understanding!