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Ahhhh, the good stuff. We thought you might want an explanation of how you get paid from your sales, how you can keep that money on the platform for a discount, and how you can use the Reverb gift card that you got from your crazy uncle. It's all in this section.


Reverb is committed to getting you money from your sales in the quickest manner possible. Please note that, whether you get paid through PayPal or receive deposits directly into your account, there will likely be a delay of a couple of days for bank processing. The fastest method of payment is through Reverb Bucks where your payout will remain on the platform for your immediate use. Reverb Payments and Reverb Bucks are discussed in this section. Please go here for additional information on PayPal.

1. Reverb Payments

The Reverb Payments (f/k/a Direct Checkout) service is the universal payment system that allows Reverb buyers to choose from all payment methods available on, Reverb LP and Reverb mobile apps. Payments made to users may not be immediate and may be delayed for a number of reasons. You agree to accept possible delays as a consequence of using Reverb Payments and waive all claims against, LLC associated with such delays. Reverb Payments terms vary by location of the bank account used for direct deposit. Please select appropriate location from the list below:

2. Reverb Bucks

1. Reverb Bucks Program

A. Legal Agreement
B. Definition of Bucks
C. Acquisition of Bucks
D. Purchasing with Bucks
E. Conversion of Bucks
F. Default Payout of Bucks

2. Reverb Bucks Requires Use of Reverb Payments

A. Bucks Require Reverb Payments
B. No Agency
C. Reverb Payments Availability
D. Reverb Payments Eligibility
E. Reverb Payments Modifications
F. Transaction Limits
G. Right to Refuse Service

3. Reverb Bucks Transactions

A. Authorization
B. Compliance with Terms of Use
C. Bucks are Solely for Reverb Transactions
D. Right to Reject High Risk Transactions
E. Fraud
F. Privacy

1. Reverb Bucks Program

A. Legal Agreement By registering for the Reverb Bucks Program on (the “Site”) and by using the Reverb Payments service (“Reverb Payments”) on the Site to consummate a Reverb Bucks transaction as a seller (“Registered Seller” or “Registered Sellers”) or a purchaser (“Buyer” or “Buyers”), you agree to be bound by the terms and these Reverb Bucks Terms & Conditions and the Reverb Payments Terms & Conditions (collectively the “Agreement”). The Agreement is a legal agreement between you and, LLC and by using the Site you hereby waive any arguments or claims that the Agreement does not apply to you (“Reverb,” “we,” or “us”). Reverb Bucks are not available in all countries. Void where prohibited.

B. Definition of Bucks The Reverb Bucks Program is a Reverb initiative that allows users to keep funds on their Reverb accounts and for Registered Sellers to convert a Buyer’s payment by credit card or Reverb gift card into a Reverb specific currency called “Reverb Bucks” which can be used for future purchases on the Site. Reverb Bucks are reflected on a Registered Seller’s Reverb Payments Account and, subject to Section 1(f), they do not expire. Reverb Bucks shall be held in an account at a third party financial institution for the benefit of Reverb customers.

C. Acquisition of Bucks   A Registered Seller may acquire Reverb Bucks in multiple ways. First, a Registered Seller may elect to convert a credit card or Reverb gift card payment made via Reverb Payments into Reverb Bucks. If a Registered Seller elects to convert his or her incoming payment into Reverb Bucks, he or she will receive a 1% discount on their next eligible purchase whereby the total of Reverb Bucks allocated to said purchase will be reduced by 1% (the “Bucks Boost”). Second, a Registered Seller may receive Reverb Bucks by electing to accept Reverb Bucks as a form of payment for an item he or she has listed on the Site. All Reverb Bucks payments to Registered Sellers will be made after the deduction of applicable fees.

D. Purchasing With Bucks   Reverb Bucks may only be used to purchase items from Registered Sellers who have elected to receive Reverb Bucks as a form of payment for such items.

E. Conversion of Bucks  Reverb Bucks may be converted to cash upon the Registered Seller’s request through the Site. Any Bucks Boost will be removed upon conversion of Reverb Bucks to cash and the original sale price amount will be deposited in Registered Seller’s designated bank checking account.

F. Default Payout of Bucks   If Reverb Bucks are not used within three (3) years of issuance, Reverb will send a check for the cash equivalent of any Reverb Bucks balance in Registered Seller’s Account to Registered Seller’s last known address, with an adjustment for the removal of any Bucks Boost.

2. Reverb Bucks Require Use of Reverb Payments

A. Bucks Require Reverb Payments   In order to buy or sell items using Reverb Bucks (a “Reverb Bucks Transaction”), such Buyer or seller must be a Registered Seller with a Reverb Payments Checkout Account (“Reverb Payments Account”) and agree to the terms associated therewith. Reverb Bucks may only be spent and are only accepted through Reverb Payments. Reverb Payments allows Registered Sellers to accept authorized credit card transactions or Reverb gift card payments and have those funds converted into Reverb Bucks under this Agreement (a “Reverb Bucks Conversion”). Reverb Payments allows a Registered Seller to then spend those Reverb Bucks as a Buyer.

B. No Agency   Reverb helps facilitate marketplace transactions. It is not the purchaser of any seller’s goods and it is not the agent of a buyer in a transaction through the Site. Reverb’s receipt of a payment through Reverb Payments is related to a transaction between a Registered Seller and the relevant buyer and not Reverb or any of Reverb’s affiliates. Reverb provides a payment processing platform for Registered Sellers and it is not a party to any transaction through the Site. See Reverb’s general Terms of Use for more information.

C. Reverb Payments Availability   Reverb Payments is generally available seven (7) days per week, twenty-four (24) hours per day, except for scheduled downtime due to system maintenance. This is not, however, a warranty or guarantee of any such availability, but merely a projection of estimated availability. By using the Site you accept that delays and outages are inevitable, acknowledge that the site is being provided “AS IS” and with all faults, and waive any claims with respect to the same.

D. Reverb Payments Eligibility   Reverb Payments is only available to sellers who and are approved for a Reverb Payments Account (a “Registered Seller”). Sellers must meet the following requirements to obtain and maintain Registered Seller status: (a) sellers must be at least 18 years old to register for a Reverb Payments Account; (b) prior to enrolling, sellers must register bank account information and undergo identity verification; (c) sellers must be current on all Reverb fees and have valid payment information on file; (d) once enrolled, sellers must maintain an average of 4 of 5 star or 80% positive feedback ratio to continue to participate in Reverb Payments; (e) once enrolled, sellers must maintain a rate of order cancellation below 10% of their total order volume; (f) prior to enrolling, sellers must publish policies for refunds and returns for their shops; (g) once enrolled, sellers must maintain policies for refunds and returns for their shops; and (h) once enrolled, sellers must continue to comply with this Agreement.

E. Reverb Payments Modifications   Reverb Payments functionality may be made available, modified, or discontinued by us at any time without notice and is subject to the limitations in Reverb’s general Terms of Use.

F. Transaction Limits   As a security measure, we may impose transaction limits on some or all Buyers, and/or Registered Sellers on any transaction, deposit, or adjustment, the cumulative value of all transactions, deposits, or adjustments, or the number of transactions per day or during any other period of time. We will not be liable to a Registered Seller: (i) if we do not proceed with a transaction, deposit, or adjustment that would exceed any limit established by us; or (ii) if we permit a Buyer to withdraw from a transaction to avoid exceeding a Reverb-established transaction limit.

G. Right to Refuse Service   We may refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

3. Reverb Bucks Transactions

A. Authorization   Buyers may only authorize a Reverb Bucks Transaction if at least part of the total payment is being made with Reverb Bucks.

B. Compliance with Terms of Use   By registering for Reverb Bucks, a Registered Seller agrees to always comply with and to sell items in accordance with Reverb’s general Terms of Use.

C. Bucks are Solely for Reverb Transactions   The use of Reverb Bucks must be solely for the sale and purchase of items listed on the Site. A Registered Seller agrees to ship sold item(s) once the Reverb Bucks Transaction is complete and reflected in the Reverb Payments Account. Reverb reserves the right to terminate Registered Seller’s access to Reverb Bucks or Reverb Payments if the Registered Seller is determined to be using Reverb Bucks or Reverb Payments Payments for transfer of funds not related to the sale of items listed on the Site.

D. Right to Reject High Risk Transactions   Reverb reserves the right to decline any Reverb Bucks Transactions that we have reason to believe may be high risk, fraudulent, or in violation of this Agreement. Reverb also retains the right to refuse to complete any transaction in Reverb Bucks at any time and for any reason. In the event of such a refusal, the transaction will be completed in ordinary currency with no associated Bucks Boost.

E. Fraud   Reverb will bear the risk of credit card fraud (i.e. fraudulent purchase arising from the theft and unauthorized use of a third party’s credit card information) occurring in connection with Reverb Bucks Transactions. In the event a Registered Seller or Buyer is indirectly or directly involved with and/or participates in any credit card fraud, Reverb will not be liable and such Registered Seller or Buyer will be subject to indemnification obligations set forth in Reverb’s general Terms of Use. Additionally, such Registered Seller or Buyer’s access to the Site may be terminated immediately. Reverb retains the right to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and to report the Registered Seller or Buyer’s activities on the Site. In the event Reverb exercises this right, or if a Registered Seller or Buyer is found in violation of this provision, the Registered Seller or Buyer hereby consents to the disclosure of any information, including personal information, to any appropriate law enforcement agency.

F. Privacy    Reverb maintains records associated with Reverb Bucks Transactions and does not pass any confidential data, including credit card numbers, to Registered Sellers. Registered Sellers will receive shipping information and limited Buyer account information only as needed to complete the order. Use of this information is dictated by our Privacy Policy.

3. Reverb Gift Cards

1. General Gift Card Terms/Redemptions
2. Other Sources of Reverb Credit
3. Gift Card and Reverb Bucks Payment Eligibility
4. Obtaining a Balance
5. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

1. General Gift Card Terms/Redemption

In order to redeem a Reverb Gift Card, you should go here.

  • Redemption of a gift card will require you to be a registered Reverb user.
  • Reverb Gift Cards are transferable prior to the point of code redemption on
  • Once a Gift Card is redeemed, the associated credit can not be transferred to a different account.
  • Reverb is not responsible for any misplaced or lost Gift Cards or Gift Card codes.
  • Reverb Gift Cards do not expire.
  • No fees are associated with Reverb Gift Cards.
  • Gift Cards are non-refundable, and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Once redeemed, Reverb Gift Card credit will be added to a buyer's account in the form of "Reverb Bucks" which will be automatically used with the next applicable purchase.
  • If you do not use the entire Reverb Gift Card, the remaining balance will stay in your account as Reverb Bucks.

The use of Gift Cards is void where prohibited by law.

2. Other Sources of Reverb Credit

In addition to Gift Card redemption, Reverb credit in the form of "Reverb Bucks" may also be accrued through other means including balances and differences from Reverb Payments payments and customer service accommodations at the sole discretion of the Reverb staff. These credits follow the same terms as outlined here for Gift Cards both in terms of eligibility and transferability. You can learn more about Reverb Bucks above.

3. Gift Card and Reverb Bucks Payment Eligibility

Reverb Gift Cards and Bucks may only be used through the Reverb Payments system. The use is limited to items sold by sellers with Reverb Payments enabled on their account. For purchases exceeding the amount of credit associated with a Gift Card, the balance must be paid via Credit Card, or other acceptable forms of payment on the item. At this time, PayPal cannot be used to pay the balance on the order. For more information on Reverb Payments, please click on this link. Gift Card credit can not be used to pay Reverb selling fees.

4. Obtaining a Balance

Total credit including Gift Card redemptions on an individual account can be seen on an account home page. Balance on a given Gift Card can be obtained by contacting Reverb support directly. Reverb support can be contacted at or at 1-888-726-2728. It can also be seen when checking out for the purchase of an item.

5. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By purchasing or redeeming a Gift Card or Gift Card Code on Reverb or accepting Reverb Bucks, you agree to these stated Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change. All activities in connection with Reverb Gift Cards will be used and comply with these Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including the general Terms of Use located here.

Updated: March 14, 2018