Low transaction fees

Who says you can't have a better experience and pay less for it? We believe we can build a marketplace focused on serving musicians and gear lovers, and charge a modest transaction fee of 3.5% by leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience combined with superior technology.

Pay only 3.5% of the total selling price.

  • You pay only when your item sells and the buyer's money is in your hand. Your fee is based on the total selling price, inclusive of all costs.
  • You pay only 3.5% of the total price, with a $0.50 minimum and a $350 maximum fee.
  • No listing fees, listing renewal fees, or monthly membership fees.
  • See an example.

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Reverb provides two methods of promoting your listing on the platform: (a) Bump for Used; and (b) Bump for New. Bump for Used allows you to increase the visibility of your listing by buying a package of “bumps” which promote your listing to a feature slot on the site. Bump for New allows you to big a percentage of your listing price to compete with other sellers for premium placement of your items on the platform. Reverb charges for both these services in two different manners, which are explained below. By purchasing Reverb Bumps through either method, you consent in advance to these charges.

Bump for Used

When you purchase Bumps for Used, you buy a package of Bumps that are based on the listing price of your item. The Bumps are only used when someone clicks on the item. If your item sells, you will only be charged for the Bumps that were used prior to the sale. If the item does not sell, you are not charged for the Bumps, regardless of how many were used. Depending on the listing price, Bumps for Used cost between $0.004 and $0.006 per Bump. When the listing is sold, the cost of the Bumps that have been used will be deducted from your payout on the item. By purchasing Bumps for Used, you consent to the deduction of the cost of the Bumps from the payout associated with the bumped item.

Bump for New

When you purchase Bumps for New, you bid a percentage of the list price to raise the profile of the listing up to owning the “Add to Cart” button at the top of the Comparative Shopping Page. There is a seven-day attribution period related to a click on your listing. If the user who clicked on the listing ends up purchasing within seven days of the click (the “Attribution Period”) you will be charged for the Bump at the price of your bid. If your listing does not sell, the listing is purchased outside the Attribution Period or the item is purchased without reference to a bumped listing, you will not be charged for the Bumps. By purchasing Bumps for New, you consent to the deduction of the cost of the Bumps from the payout associated with the bumped item.

More information is available on Reverb’s Bump page located here Learn More About Bump