WMD Geiger Counter Digital Destruction Guitar Pedal


Built with a sample rate from 260Hz to 58kHz, 252 wave table modulator, and up to an 8-bit depth, the WMD Geiger Counter Digital Destruction Guitar Pedal makes good on the promise in its name. Essentially a high-powered preamp feeding into an 8-bit computer, machine gone awry takes the premise of a bit crusher and blows the concept into 1,000 glitched-out pieces, all of which are achievable with use. Not for the faint of heart, the Geiger Counter's seismic potential makes it an ideal candidate for experimental, harsh noise, and avant-garde genres.

Product Specs

  • Geiger Counter
  • Yellow
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the WMD Geiger Counter Digital Destruction Guitar Pedal
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  • Verified Purchase

    It sounds absolutely ridiculous when it needs to be but there's so much more in this weird box. Most distortions you could want are hidden somewhere in this pedal if you're willing to look hard enough.

  • An adventure

    You can spend hours with this one, it’s has its own life. Put a looper before and you’re set for an adventure. As a noise generator can be very precise in the high frequencies. If you like to listen to/do experimental music it’ll grow on you.

  • Execptional

    Verified Purchase

    One could spend a lifetime exploring the sonic sculpting possibilities of this pedal. Overwhelming in it's capacity, every time I plug it in, I am off to a new place. Impressive. The Geiger Counter has so much potential and allows the user so control that it can be daunting, however, you don't need …

  • Terrifying...

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal has some killer sounds, but I can't ever get them back again. I hate to leave a pedal like this set and forget it, but getting past sounds dialed up again is daunting. The internet tells me it can be done, though. It really is another level of bit crushing, as the 256 (I think) wave fo…

  • reeling in the glitchy-ness.

    Verified Purchase

    Whats important about this pedal, is figuring out how to get back to the "straight up fuzz tones". usually achieved by twisting all the nobs to the right, has great big visceral lead tones. But it really excels when you start twisting the bit depth & ample rate to the left (depending on the wave tab…