The Walrus Audio Descent is a shimmer reverb unit that includes wide spectrums of shaping ability, including dry signal blend and octave up/down functions. Featuring eight knobs and three modes—hall, reverse, and an octave-up shimmer—the Descent offers everything from classic small room echoes to ambient waves to endless reverb.

Product Specs

  • Descent Reverb/Octave Machine
  • Gray Graphic
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Walrus Audio Descent Reverb Pedal
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  • Better shimmers out there with more features for less $$

    Verified Purchase

    Hello friends. First let me say that this is my first shimmer reverb pedal. I am a proud owner of a TC electronic Arena Reverb (similar to the hall of fame but with different presets and black shell). The TC was a replacement to many reverb pedals with most recently being cathedral reverb from EHX. …

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  • Verified Purchase

    Cool pedal. But wasn’t what I wanted on my board. Ended up getting the EHX oceans 11! It’s an amazing pedal and on my board to stay!

  • The drone is real

    Verified Purchase

    I got this pedal because I realized that my swells and delays on my board ended up dying off quickly. So I added this to the end of my pedal chain. The sustain and the extra verb at the end get so drony. I love it. Ambience, shoegaze... I can go on. It goes on forever. I can’t say it enough... it DRONES

  • Amazing Reverb!

    Verified Purchase

    Takes some time to dial in! So don;t get discouraged if you take it out of the box and don't get some amazing sounds out of it right away. This pedal is a tweakers heaven! You can get TONS of different reverb sounds out of this machine and they sound absolutely heavenly, definitely worth the investment!

  • Descend

    Verified Purchase

    Goes deep, dark but let it shine with the octave up, great tweak ability. You can get a narrow hall, a palace ballroom, an underground lake, a stalactite grotto... I still need to explore and descent even further.