Product Specs

  • Muffroom Cloud Fuzz
  • Silver/Orange/Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United Kingdom
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the ThorpyFX Muffroom Cloud Fuzz
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  • Stands up to the hype

    Verified Purchase

    No hum, just pure awesomeness. Amazing inside, outside and soundwise.

  • Believe the Hype

    Verified Purchase

    I’m not very experienced with fuzz effects, and I purchased this one after hearing and reading all the ThorpyFX praises. This fuzz is the shizz, and is all they say it is. It’s massively incredible through a 5150, and certainly doesn’t need anything paired or stacked with it. A more mature, articulate, yet crushingly powerful tone generator. Wow, man.

  • Not a One Trick Thorpy!

    Verified Purchase

    The Muffroom Cloud is one awesome pedal. While I am pretty sure the Meatpuppet's guitarist used a Big Muff pedal for the song Backwater, this pedal can nail that wooly sound in so many more! My experience is that each fuzz pedal has its' own definite sweet spot and they never play …

  • My last fuzz pedal, that's a good thing

    Verified Purchase

    The thorpyfx Muffroom/Fallout Cloud is an incredible sounding, well built fuzz. I've been on a pedal journey over the last few years and I can say that this is the one. Super quiet even when engaged, versatile eq, and just generally smooth fuzz. It's not the splatty type fuzz, just good smooth susta…

  • Worth every penny!

    Verified Purchase

    I first discovered this pedal while watching "That Pedal Show" on YouTube. After one of Dan & Mick's bang-on reviews of great boutique pedals, I took a leap and purchased this Thorpy Pedal. Well, I couldn't be happier... the Fallout Cloud (formerly named Muffroom Cloud) pedal was worth every penny! …