Part of the company's One Series, the Source Audio Lunar Phaser packs serious phasing modulation along with some serious secret capabilities under the hood. The Lunar brings together three distinct phase flavors: Vibe for a pulsing Uni-Vibe tone, a lush Classic mode emulating 4-stage phasing, and the lively 8-stage Multi mode. The end result is a wide swath of phasing flavors covering decades of genres. What's more, this pedal sports the company's Neuro mobile app which allows you to download even more effects from an extensive online library for a litany of tones in a box.

Product Specs

  • Lunar Phaser
  • Blue
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Source Audio Lunar Phaser
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  • excellent!

    Being able to access a Univibe, multiple phase sounds, flangers, chorus and Leslie cabinets with 6 presets and hundreds more on the app - you'd be a fool not to get one! Plus true stereo INs & OUTs make this a huge buy in my book! I run a stereo wet/dry rig so its perfect for me & the fact that its digital works well for any multi-color pedal

  • First try I loved it, second thought - a little too difital

    This pedal captured me so much when I first saw it. I saw that it had Vibe and Phase. I had just been looking for both of those sounds so this would work perfectly I thought. I tried it and loved the throb/pulse at first. And I thought the vibe was quite good. Then I bought it and after about 1…

  • Great pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Super easy to use. Super versatile too. There's a ton of tweak ability but if you just use the knobs you won't be paralyzed with choices. I met some of the staff at NAMM. Top notch and really helpful. I can't recommend this pedal enough.