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The Rupert Neve Designs 511 mic pre module puts the Portico sound into your 500 Series rack. With 72dB of available gain and variable Texture/Silk control, the 511 interfaces beautifully with any microphone and lets you dial in exactly as much (or as little) extra harmonic love as you want. The variable high-pass filter provides an easy way to roll out unwanted bass right from the get-go, clearing out the mud and making room for everything else in the mix. At mix time, knock the gain down to unity and send line level signals into the 511 to take advantage of the mojo of the Silk circuit, dropping your tracks into a deep vintage well you won't want to pull them out of.


Product Specs

  • Portico 511 500-Series Mic Pre Module with Silk
  • White
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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