Built as a tandem distortion/overdrive with parallel circuits, separate controls and an Alchemy knob to blend the two signals for even gnarlier sound, the Red Witch Famulus is designed to handle all of a guitarist's heavy tone needs. Capable of going from a warm, bluesy bump to a buzzsaw 8th note distortion chug, this pedal covers an enormous spectrum of overdriven effects and can be an excellent complement to a doom, garage, or inidie setup.

Product Specs

  • Famulus
  • White
  • 2012

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Reviews for the Red Witch Famulus Distortion
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  • Great overdrive

    This won’t heavily distort your tone but if you want a great overdrive, this has a lot of options without a ton of knobs or the same tubescreamer sound as so many others.

  • Great overdrive

    Verified Purchase

    Bought this pedal, had it on my board for a year, didn’t like it, tried to sell it, couldn’t sell it, gave it a second chance, now it’s awesome! Not sure why it took so long to like this pedal, but I’m able to get great overdrive to light distortion sounds out of the Famulus. Very versatile. I’ve se…

  • Medium gain with some interesting EQ

    Verified Purchase

    I’m using this pedal with a telecaster and a fender jr pro III. The pedal doesn’t seem to have much gain in each channel. To me, it sounds bad with a clean amp, but sounds great when combined with my amp’s natural distortion. My favorite setting is both gains dimed, 50/50 blend, volume slightly bo…

  • Gainy tight attack with drop in low-end.

    Verified Purchase

    I've read about some quality issues with this pedal, but it's been reliable and effective for me so far. I paid $120.00 used which was hard to turn down; but the price-new is much higher than I'd be willing to pay as there are definitely better bangs for the buck out there - such as an OCD or a Cus…

  • problemous

    Verified Purchase

    Unfortunately, after reading and hearing so much on this pedal and dreaming of it, I happened to read about mechanical problems of the circuits. I got mine last week and the day after I first plugged it in, pressed the buttom and...nothing. Nothing worked. Plus a crackling inside. Really disappointing.