Built around nuanced, customized circuitry that traverses a world of modulation and delay that goes from grimy chorus to fluttering tape machines left on repeat in an abandoned factory, the Recovery Cutting Room Floor v2 is an effect experimentalist's best friend. Dial in echoes, choruses, and ethereal repeats with a new streamlined interface with a freeze button that immediately traps any tone while still playing. Top it off with CV/expression control for a pedal that will keep you occupied for days.

Product Specs

  • Cutting Room Floor v2
  • Black
  • 2010s
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the Recovery Cutting Room Floor v2
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  • Excellent

    Verified Purchase

    Updating my review after having had more time with The Cutting Room Floor. I was really looking forward to using this after watching demos and it has, so far, exceeded my expectations, and I have only started to dig in-Just lovely. Very touch sensitive and dynamic. I finally got around to plugging i…

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  • Flutter and WOW, indeed.

    Verified Purchase

    If you're into experimenting, love trippy modulation and delay, don't mind spending time minutely twisting endless combinations of knobs, this will rock your world. I use it for recording and get some of the coolest unique sounds I've ever hear. Not sure how I would use it on stage, but I only record so there you go.

  • Bizarre and beautiful

    Verified Purchase

    Got this pedal because I was looking for a delay with a bit of an edge to it. You can do normal delays with the Cutting Room Floor but where it really shines is making wobbly pitch shifting effects on the delay trails. You can use it for beautifully subtle vibrato or crank it for bouncy madness. Sounds great on keys.

  • Haunting

    Verified Purchase

    Only had to spend a little bit of time with this unit to realize its like something out of my dreams. This is a delay pedal for the sonically adventurous. If you're looking to sound exactly like (insert favorite guitar hero here), you may just want to stick with a run-of -the -mill delay box. If, li…

  • A warped, lo-fi, melting, incredibly dynamic masterpiece!

    Verified Purchase

    How this pedal flies so far under the radar I do not know. This is a very deep pedal - a formidable range of sounds live inside. Rubbery, detuned echoes; faux double tracking; outlandish chorus sounds; ambient washes. All can be found here. The envelope modulation makes this effect. Without any comp…