Getting two sound sources into phase alignment can be a breeze with the Radial Phazer, a Class-A phase adjustment box that works with virtually any plug-in instrument. Your guitar, bass, keys -- anything you can plug in, you can swap up the phase of. With one simple dial designed to easily align phases and a polarity-reverse switch for 180 degree reversal, the Phazer can help you do just about anything you need to with phase. The Phazer even has a lowpass filter to focus its phase alignment effect on lower frequencies, where phasing can be the most obvious.

Product Specs

  • Phazer
  • Beige
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Radial Phazer Phase Adjustment Tool
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  • Must Have for Mixing

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    Whether you tracked multiple mics on a single source, or processed a track through some outboard gear to blend in with the original, you absolutely need this. I could never understand why every DAW had a simple 180 degree phase shift and not something like the Phazer's control. If your mics' phase…