The Philosopher's Rock pedal by Pigtronix includes a myriad of effects in one small stompbox. Marketed as a compressor/sustainer but capable of totally wild distortion, the Philosopher's Rock is immensely versatile. This streamlined rendition of the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone boasts 4 times the compression range of its older brother as well as a "Grit" switch that engages Germanium Distortion. Able to provide a wide range of compression tones, a crystal-clear sustain, and gritty distortion in one, the Philosopher's Rock deserves a spot on your pedalboard.

Product Specs

  • Philosopher's Rock
  • White
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Pigtronix Philosopher's Rock Compressor Pedal
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  • Incredible

    Verified Purchase

    For two knobs (and one dip switch), this thing has a surprising amount of versatility. It'll do everything from subtle, transparent addition of sustain to your tone, or colour it with the musical 'pop' of the attack and gorgeous squash of the likes of David Gilmour or your favourite chicken pickers.…

  • Awesome compressor

    Verified Purchase

    This little pedal has some nice tones!

  • Rock Solid Optical Compressor

    Verified Purchase

    Great sounding, stripped down version of the Philosopher's Tone. Easy to dial in for bass, electric, and even subtly on acoustic. Nice sustain both on OD leads and as a clean boost. Fun squash for funk. Grit switch is a plus for gain staging. Pigtronix does it right.

  • Philosophers rock

    Verified Purchase

    Great little compressor. Sustain for days with a clean tone. Gives you enough boost to play pretty arpeggio pieces with a clean tone. Also can help bump up your signal when using one of those fuzz pedals that just doesn't let you get loud enough. The grit switch is kids useless for me. If they made …

  • Great Compressor

    Verified Purchase

    I picked this up for next to nothing on a whim. I just needed something inexpensive for my bass board. This was also my first optical compressor, and it's as smooth and quiet as advertised. Grit switch is a nice touch, and offers some seriously raunchy distortion. However, I knocked off a star for not having a separate switch to engage it. The toggle isn't useful live.