Paiste 15" Formula 602 Classic Medium Hi-Hat Cymbal (Top)

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The longest running series in Paiste's roster, the Formula 602 was the first line crafted by the company in 1959. These cymbals are crafted from the 602 Alloy and feature a tonality reminiscent of classic rock from the '60s and '70s.
The Medium Hat is a balanced pair of cymbals with a lively stick response and bright articulation.

This price reflects the top hat.

Years of production: 2011-present

Composition: 602 Alloy (80% bronze, 20% copper, traces of silver)

Notable artists: Steve Jordan, Sam Fogarino, Vinnie Colaiuta

Product Specs

  • 15" Formula 602 Classic Medium Hi-Hat Cymbal (Top)
  • Traditional
  • 2010s

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