Orange OR15H 15-Watt Tube Guitar Head, Orange Tolex


The Orange OR15H is an all-tube rocker of a guitar head, perfect for small clubs and recording. The intuitive "Shape" EQ gives you a single-knob sweep over your tone that usually takes multiple controls on other amps. With a wide, dynamic response reminiscent of vintage Orange amps and switchable output wattage for different volumes and power tube distortion, the OR15H is a great choice for guitarists looking for a classic crunch tone.

Product Specs

  • OR15H 15-Watt Tube Guitar Amp Head
  • Orange
  • 2010s
Made In
  • China

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Reviews for the Orange OR15H 15-Watt Tube Guitar Head, Orange Tolex
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  • Wow. This Orange OR15H just plain rocks.

    Verified Purchase

    I have Super Reverbs, Blues Juniors, and a Fuchs ODS. They all have their place. I was so surprised how good a blues tone is with this head. The articulation is great. It has warmth and a depth that i was not expecting. Load too. For a bedroom player i can only use the 7watt selection and even…

  • The or15 is a great low-watt tube amp.

    Buy it. Great at high or low volumes. Buy it. Don't think about it, buy it.

  • Love it!

    Verified Purchase

    Such great British crunch! It’s very easy to get lots of very pleasing tones out of. For anybody that thinks an orange gets fizzy just turn the treble down and miss up and it gets such a thick grind! I truly love this amp! Just bought a vertical 2x12 orange cab for it that will be here tomorrow. Can’t wait to try that out!

  • Not so Great

    Verified Purchase

    I am really surprised by all the stellar reviews. To my ears the bass is thin, the overall tone is honky and nasally, and the distortion is fizzy and not very harmonically pleasant. I tried several different cabinets and swapped all the tubes and it didn’t make a significant difference. Just couldn’t connect with it. Sold it about a month after I bought it.

  • Verified Purchase

    This amp is incredible! Amazing sound. You can get really great cleans, you can add a little crunch or you can shred with the best! I would recommend this amp to anyone! I play country, worship, and even metal sometimes and this works in all of those applications very well.