Created with Moog's legendary synth oscillators, the Minifooger Trem creates a wide range of tremolo sounds from classic optical and harmonic tremolo, to hard hitting chopped and percussive sounds that boarders on phasing and rotary effects. This little black box pushes the boundaries of what the classic tremolo effect can do. A V2 enclosure of this pedal was launched by Moog at winter NAMM 2015.

Product Specs

  • Minifooger MF Trem
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Moog Minifooger MF Trem Tremolo Pedal
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  • Tremolicious Moog MF trem

    Verified Purchase

    I dig this thing. Get surfy, get spaghetti western & get choppy!! Quite a versatile little MF’er!! I hear they’re done with the MF line and I have no plans of ever selling my Mini Trem or my Mini Delay. I say get it while you can. Can’t go wrong with Moog products.

  • Glorious

    Verified Purchase

    Absolutely fantastic pedal. The exp pedal in adds a layer of functionality I never want to go without.

  • Good Stuff

    Verified Purchase

    Outstanding tremolo. It has certainly earned a permanent spot on my pedal board. Would you expect anything else from Moog?

  • Amazing piece of gear

    Verified Purchase

    This little beast has an amazing amount of control over a very impressive range of tones. And there's not a bad sound to be had. I will be twiddling its knobs for a long time, with a big smile on my face. Assuming I can tear myself away from the killer Leslie tone...

  • Nice

    Lots of control and range over the effects including variable asymmetrical wave form shaping. Expression pedal control is included. Excellent build quality.