Mesa Boogie Triple Crown TC-50 3-Channel Tube Guitar Amp Head


The Mesa Boogie Triple Crown TC-50 is a three-channel all-tube guitar head that promises players everything from crystal-clear, sparkling cleans to relentlessly aggressive, screaming high-gain grit. The bias switch allows players to switch between the classic EL34s and the rounder-sounding 6L6s, or even use the 6L6s in the EL34 setting with a direct swap over for a more bubbly, vintage-voiced amp tone with creamier harmonic content on the top-end. The TC-50 is also MIDI-capable and comes with the popular CabClone live or recording interface for going straight into the live or recorded board and skipping the microphones.

Product Specs

  • Triple Crown TC-50 3-Channel Tube Guitar Amp Head
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Mesa Boogie Triple Crown TC-50 3-Channel Tube Guitar Amp Head
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  • Best Boogie in many years

    Verified Purchase

    Great amp head. Only 35 pounds. Easy to dial in with very powerful EQ sections on each channel. Sounds amazing at bedroom or gig volume (yes you can crank the master and use the global output control.. no attenuator needed at all). Not as big as an old Marshall head but not as small as a lunchbox am…

  • Covers every music tone!

    Verified Purchase

    Mesa finally getting into a certain amp space, kinda similar to the Friedman BE50 Deluxe 3 CH amp. Definitely the best Mesa amp out on the market. Built like a tank and excellent craftsmanship. Whether you play blues, classic rock, rock, metal, modern metal thrash, country the TC50 3 channel head…

  • perfect amp for me

    Verified Purchase

    easily the best mesa i have tried, mostly because the controls are so simple. i've had marks, TA, and rectoverbs that had so many voicing options that i was constantly tweaking them. the TC is simple and so easy to dial in. also, mad props for a nicely done master volume -- it is very easy to set…

  • It’s Mesa Boogie of course it’s good

    I sold my Mark V 35 to buy this amp, but it wasn’t the sound I was looking for. So I sold it and bought the ultimate Mesa Boogie the Mark V.

  • Worth the price of admission

    Verified Purchase

    Wanted a three channel amp for under two grand, but had to be built in the USA. I've owned several Mesa combos, new and used, that didn't quite get me where I need to be covering country to hard rock. This amp does. Having sold my beloved Splawn Supersport head, this had to deliver. After two gigs, …