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Reviews for the Make Noise Rene Sequencer
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  • Fun and creative

    Verified Purchase

    Really great for helping you develop more interesting patterns and variations to sequences. Also has some neat options to enable it to become useful as an interactive performance module.

  • Verified Purchase

    This sequencer needs a lot of hands-on time past the basic single pass sequence. Clocking options, controls, and logic functions that need time for learning to bring out all the marvelous options available. Have had it a month and keep mis-remembering what everything can do, and how to set it up. Definitely not push/click instant gratification.

  • great gear at a great price

    Verified Purchase


  • Unbeatable sequencer

    I was looking for something to make my rack musical and playble without the restrictions of a standard keyboard and I tell you, this is the thing. So many options to make it usable as a straightforward sequencer, a semi random arp, a very playable touch keyboard... the list goes on ad nauseum.

  • The sequencer to end all sequencers

    Verified Purchase

    Rene V2 took everything amazing about the first version and added even more dimensions and control over CV sequences. It's hands down the best sequencer for non-generative things now, and it can even fake generative quite well since there are so many easy ways to change up a sequence on the fly.