The Helix Multi-Effects guitar pedal from Line 6 strives to be the powerful, streamlined effects solution for professional players looking for the top of the line in authentic sound and feel on stage. Not only is the Helix a powerful multi-effect unit in its own right, it's also an impressive guitar systems controller that allows players to easily interface their external effects and make it feel like they're all part of the same unit. Its dual DSP engine also lets players accurately recreate the dynamics of tube amps to further personalize their rig setup. Intuitive, powerful, and sleek, the Helix is a solid controller for guitarists that spend lots of time touring or in the studio.

Product Specs

  • Helix Floor Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal
  • Black
  • 2010s
Pedal Format
  • Floor Unit

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Reviews for the Line 6 Helix Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal
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  • Great for live and studio

    Verified Purchase

    I tried Headrush (Sound 6/10) and Fractal AX8 (Sound 10/10) and Helix Floor (Sound 9/10) is the best choice for gigs because the lights clearly show what is configured on each button, you can´t go wrong. The audio quality is very high, you just need a good ear and some time to make it sounds as real…

  • Everything in one

    Verified Purchase

    This board has made my life infinitely easier. I use it for touring and studio. I can have all my rigs and board and sounds loaded up and just take this wherever I go. I borrowed one for a tour I did last year playing for 20k people every night, and just gave it back after getting my own. Never …

  • So good.

    I've compared the on board effects to my strymon bigsky, eventide H9, and boss DD500. Except for a few specialty effects, the Helix does it all at a very high level. I've still got my amps but haven't touched them in two years. Helix into studio monitors for practice or direct to FOH for performance is all I've needed.

  • Amazing -especially great at church!

    Verified Purchase

    The Helix is amazing. Takes a few hours to become familiar with but so worth it. I had $1500 worth of boutique pedals on my pedalboard feeding into a Blues Jr (sounded great!!) but honestly the Helix going into my new Headrush 108 sounds just as good if not better- plus it's WAY easier to move aroun…

  • Solid sounds

    Verified Purchase

    I had my eye on the Helix for around 3 months before buying. My used Helix came with some great presets and custom artist patches, so I didn't have to wrestle with it before hearing some great sounds. I think it's going to be perfect for my cover band performances.