The Lehle D.Loop SGoS makes an easy time of navigating even the largest effects board through a dual programmable loop design, dedicated buffer, and staunch metal casing. Capable of functioning with remote, MIDI, or as a lone wolf pedal, the D.Loop SGoS takes a staple effect and gives it boutique construction for years of reliability.

Product Specs

  • D.Loop SGoS
  • Yellow
  • 2012
Made In
  • Germany

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Reviews for the Lehle D.Loop SGoS
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  • A tank

    Verified Purchase

    I use it to turn on octave/dist/fuzz/delay all at once for a certain synthy sound and also to have my looping off when I'm not using it. It's also great as a way to use both electric bass and upright with a tuner. Electric in, upright A RTN, tuner pedal B SND, and out to amp. Now you can mute the upright when playing electric or tune either instrument.

  • Awesome switcher/looper/buffer

    Verified Purchase

    Basically a blend of two Little Lehle's and a Sunday Driver plus a pop-suppression circuit all in one box. Highly recommended. The pop-suppression circuit especially makes a difference as compared to the Little Lehle (which can produce a loud "pop" sound when switched on and off if using certain c…

  • Clean up your signal with Lehle

    I am an avid fan and user of Lehle products. For the D-loop you will tremendously isolate your effects and clean your signal. You can route either effect or run both through the signal. I run through multiple amps and noise was a huge issue. Then I ran across Lehle products and went to their web…