Bringing together four analog channels, multiple control parameters like volume faders and lo/hi cut filters, and sync functionality for total rig control, the Korg Volca Mix 4-Channel Performance Mixer is the perfect unifier to turn your favorite grooveboxes into a formidable command center. Designed for streamlined performance, the two mono and one stereo inputs are ideal for connecting your favorite Volcas along with a dynamic range compressor to finely tweak your mix. A staple player for any fan of the Volca series.

Product Specs

  • Volca Mix 4-Channel Performance Mixer
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Korg Volca Mix 4-Channel Performance Mixer
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  • a volca size functional mixer..

    Verified Purchase

    it does what it's designed to well, just would have liked one or two more channels for the several volcas available..

  • A Perfect Fit

    Verified Purchase

    Compliments the Volcas beautifully. Adds an entire new dimension of sound design to your set. Works well with the Pocket Operators too. The built-in speakers kind of suck though.