The Korg MS-20 Mini is a compact reissue of the Korg MS-20 analog monophonic synthesizer, standing at 86% of the original's size. Featuring two oscillators, a low-pass and high-pass filter, and two envelopes, the Korg MS-20 Mini also offers semi-modular capability for rerouting the signal path and interacting with other gear. The Korg MS-20 brings back classic analog sounds in a compact package.

Product Specs

  • MS-20 Mini Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
  • Black
  • 2010s
Number of Keys
  • 37 Keys

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Reviews for the Korg MS-20 Mini Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
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  • Verified Purchase

    If you were to take all the best things about satan and put it in a synth... That's the ms20.

  • Best first transaction ever

    Verified Purchase

    Item came exactly as described and was shipped promptly. Thank you again!

  • Cooler than Jesus

    Verified Purchase

    Get modular today!

  • Can't recommend this monophonic synth enough!

    Verified Purchase

    If you're look for an analog monophonic synth, get this. It's raw, warm, nasty, noisey (in the best way). The patch bay makes the possibilities almost endless. I HIGHLY recommend it with the SQ1 sequencer, so much fun! Great for bass, sound effects/design, and hard sounds. Could definitely do …

  • Amazing Synth

    Verified Purchase

    I really love that KORG, was able too reproduce a classic synth, at such an, affordable price. It gives a new generation of players,. A chance to be able to afford and play. Such a classic instrument.

More Information

This smaller rendition of the original MS-20 features all the functionality and power in a smaller chassis. 

Years of production: 2013-present

Product features: early and late model onboard filters, two envelope generators, full patch signal path functionality

Notable players: Daft Punk, David Bowie, Queens of the Stone Age