Keeley Mod Workstation Dual Gain Stage and Modulation Pedal


The Keeley Mod Workstation is stuffed to the gills with classic Keeley modulation effects with a pair of boosts and drives for good measure. Play a nice round of wheel of fortune on the FX Select control to find the swimming mod effect you desire and then bring it all home with switchable 1962 and Katana overdrive and boost. A single jack insert point and tap tempo input give you further tonal abilities and on-the-fly adjustment. From vintage-style harmonic tremolos to ADT and rotary speaker effects, the Mod Workstation most certainly has the liquid goodness you're looking for.

Product Specs

  • Mod Workstation
  • Grey
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Keeley Mod Workstation Dual Gain Stage and Modulation Pedal
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  • Keeley Super mod

    Perfect. I got so tired of trying different pedals to hit the magic formula. This handles multiple needs for me. So I am content with this pedal. And Keeley still maintains a sense of quality.

  • Lots of options for the minimalist pedal board.

    Verified Purchase

    So if you are interested in the in the Keeley Mod Workstation it’s likeley because you needed lots of options but want to travel light. I play on silent stages so I don’t need an amp. I have trimmed my pedal board back to just the essentials. The Keeley Mod Workstation replaced a boost pedal, a …

  • Well Worth The Money

    Verified Purchase

    I have a few pedals from Keeley so when I came across a good deal on a used Mod Workstation I didn't hesitate to buy it. It's a lot of pedal for the money. Kinda tight in space and difficult to engage the middle switch, and not very practical switching between the modulation effects in a live sett…

  • Great compact pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Very good pedal with nice overall modulation effects, particularly good tremolo, phaser and rotary (I read a lot negative on this one but matched my sound). Just make sure that you use a high quality power supply like a voodoo lab or you will face some hiss noise issue with the drive and boost chann…

  • More than I was aware of...

    Verified Purchase

    Really nice pedal that serves a lot of purposes. I was aware of the various "workstation" pedals that Keeley offers but not this one, which I think may be one of the first. I didn't realize that in addition to the great modulation effects it also contains 2 of my favorite overdrives and a boost. Lo…