Built as a self-contained recording platform with an omnidirectional mic, onboard combo inputs for direct recording, and a versatile accompanying app that does everything from adjusting pan to modeling amps, the iZotope Spire is essentially a streamlined studio that fits in your backpack. Get your gain automatically set with the SoundCheck feature and get your ideas written out with up to eight layered tracks per recording. you can even add mixing and effects like level adjustment and reverb, all from your phone. A slick conduit for translating your ideas into real, recorded tracks.

Product Specs

  • Spire Studio Wireless iOS Audio Interface
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the iZotope Spire Studio Wireless iOS Audio Interface
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  • Spire amazing

    Verified Purchase

    This is an amazing product, I've been recording with different daws for years and this is a game changer for writing and getting ideas down , the sound is incredible . I have not stopped recording since it arrived Declan mako-dc.com

  • Quality sound but a walled garden

    Verified Purchase

    What is there is excellent - clean preamps, clean sound. However, you had better have a phone because 90% of the functionality can only be accessed with a phone. The bigger problems come when you want to move your tracks to a real DAW. It is not easy and you might find yourself unable to move tracks…

  • Verified Purchase

    Love this recording tool. It makes all my evenings dissolve! 🧙🏿‍♂️

  • iZotope Spire Studio

    Verified Purchase

    This is a terrifically simple (and fun), multitrack recording setup. It easily produces clean, basic recording tracks (with decent onboard effects), as well as final mixes of a remarkably high quality. Perfect for making great-sounding demos, and getting your ideas quickly recorded.

  • quick and easy!

    Verified Purchase

    This thing is fun! Super easy to set up and use, surprisingly good quality from the built in mic, looking forward to hearing what it's like with my other microphones,