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Reviews for the Intellijel Cylonix Shapeshifter
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    Verified Purchase

    Got rid of my DPO so I could get this. BEST DECISION EVER. Insane amount of power in this module. If you are thinking of buying it, stop thinking.. BUY IT.

  • Holy mother of oscillators

    Yes you will spend weeks just leaning this module. Then you realize you have it all covered when it comes to digital oscillators with this one module, you might even sell your other digital oscillator *gasp!

  • Great Module, Sold mine but plan to re-buy.

    I had my Shapeshifter for a few months and decided to sell it, (not due to any dislikes or bad reasons), more due to my workflow and other needs at the time. Shapeshifter is an incredible and beautiful module that takes time and patience to learn and appreciate. It does so many things. At first p…

  • Powerful Module

    Verified Purchase

    It can make any sound you want - big gritty basses or soft pad-chords. Great for external processing of audio too - the vocoder and wave folder both sound fantastic. The wavetables all sound very good. At first I was afraid all of the sounds from this module would sound too FM'ey and cold but with s…