Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal High Voltage Distortion Unit


For those who want to leave the earthly plane of overdrives and distortions and ride the lightning into uncharted sonic territory, the Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal High Voltage Distortion Unit should be your preferred means of transportation. Built around a xenon-filled tube that transform's your guitar's signal into high-voltage discharges, the Plasma Pedal forgoes circuits and transistors for a novel approach to distortion that yields rich non-linear harmonic saturation and enough juice to knock Zeus off of Olympus.

Product Specs

  • Plasma Pedal High Voltage Distortion Unit
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal High Voltage Distortion Unit
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  • Unusual in a good way :)

    Verified Purchase

    I find myself using it after my usual fuzz pedal and compression, and place it right before my phaser into the amp, I often roll the voltage all the way down and use it to dampen some of the harshness or up with the blend rolled off. I plan on obtaining an shiftline A+ astronaut III at some point t…

  • Awesome naturally gated distortion/fuzz/OD.

    Verified Purchase

    Is it a fuzz? Is it distortion? Is it overdrive? Who knows? It is all those things & it is it’s own awesome thing. I personally love the “gatedness” of the effect. Works very well with guitar, bass, and synths. It has become one of my favorite pedals.

  • Worth its weight in plasma

    Verified Purchase

    Awesome pedal. Great for those over the top sounds... I just did some crazy EGT parts with it. Cant wait to use it with bass, octave and moog filter. that will be the shizzle fo sho.

  • Just a screamin' hoot from git to go.

    Gamechanger doesn't do anything by halves. These Latvian visionaries think of things no one else has done, then do it in the classiest way possible. Every product is beautifully functional, beautifully designed, flawlessly executed, and built to last forever. The Plasma Pedal is a great example. …

  • I use it on BASS...

    Verified Purchase

    ...and it´s very nice. It has a "natural" gate, which fit perfect in my modular-synth-chain. I really really like a Lot!