1970s Silverface Fender Deluxe Reverb 22-Watt 1x12 Combo


The "Silverface" Fender Deluxe Reverb amps from 1968 - 1979 represent an awesome value in vintage combos, with classic-sounding reverb and tremolo and enough power for small- to medium-sized clubs. While Silverface amps get a lot of undeserved flack for not having "the tone" of the pre-CBS amps (see: Bassman), the Silverface Deluxe Reverbs seem to be immune to that down-talk and their value has steadily risen over the years. A few cosmetic changes and circuit revisions were spread throughout this era, such as the dropping of the "drip edge" grill after '68 - '69 and the addition of a pull-pot volume boost in '78, but by and large the Silverface Deluxe Reverbs remained fairly consistent throughout their production, and tons of original examples can still be had for relative bargains.

Product Specs

  • Deluxe Reverb
  • Silverface
  • 1970s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the 1970s Silverface Fender Deluxe Reverb 22-Watt 1x12 Combo
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  • Best sounding amp I've ever played through, hands down.

    I picked up a '78 a few months ago from my guitar tech. I'm not sure where this gem came from or what the previous owner was "on" when he decided to move it. This is THE AMP I've been looking for, sound wise for the last 50 years! I've been at it since 1964. I believe they were rated at around 22 wa…

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  • This amp does it all!

    The 12" speaker gives it excellent warmth and breadth. Goes into distortion around 4 or 5 on volume control. An original 70's silver face is a great deal you will never lose on. Good for home or live -mic it on stage if in a larger venue. Built vintage Fender tough! Sounds fantastic!

  • '79 Deluxe Reverb

    Verified Purchase

    Awesome machine. That Fender sound--I love it. Runs quiet, no hiss! So much versatility with the bass/treble controls and hi/LO inputs. This one has a well- broken in Weber in it and sounds great clean or with pedals.

  • 1974 Deluxe Reverb

    Verified Purchase

    This is the amp that I wish I had started with and stayed with. It can take anything you throw at it. Notes will sustain forever. Great headroom and Fender clean tone with classic Fender Reverb and vibrato. This amp, with the JBL speaker, can handle any array or combination of pedals. If it's not loud enough for you, mic it or play through more than one.

  • 1971 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp

    Verified Purchase

    This amp has that great classic sound and is in good condition perfect for playing gigs. It came with a nice Warehouse speaker that sounds very good and should handle anything I throw at it.