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Back in 1984, an unknown company called Ensoniq released its first product, the Mirage. One of the earliest affordable sampler-synths, the Mirage is an 8-bit sampler featuring a 61-key velocity-sensitive keyboard, two-digit LED display, MIDI, analog filters, and a 333-event sequencer. The Mirage features a total 128kB of (non-expandable) RAM, with a sample rate that varies from 10 kHz to 33 kHz with a corresponding sample time of between 2 and 6.5 seconds. Boot up your operating system and samples by loading a disk into the 3.5 SS/DD floppy disk drive, with each disk holding up to six samples and eight sequences (as well as a copy of the OS). Though pre-configured into two halves that can each function as two independent instruments, players can move the split point wherever they like for unique sounds for each hand.

Product Specs

  • Mirage DSK-8 Digital Sampling Keyboard
  • Grey
  • 1984
Made In
  • United States