Elysia xpressor 500 Series Discrete Class-A Stereo Compressor Module

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The Elysia xpressor 500 is a unique sound-shaping stereo compressor module for the popular 500 Series. With all-discrete electronics and a ton of features not found on other compressor modules, the xpressor 500 is as versatile as they come with a mastering-grade sound. Switch on the auto-fast attack mode that adapts to transients in percussive or program material, bring some harmonics to the party with the "Warm" mode, change up the release curve for gentler or heavier compression, and dial in the sidechain high-pass filter to keep the kicks and basses pumping in your stereo mix. One notable features is the "GRL" control, short for "Gain Reduction Limiter." With this control you can set a ceiling for the amount of compression that xpressor 500 will do, so in much louder sections your dynamics will not be totally lost.

Product Specs

  • xpressor 500 Series Discrete Class-A Stereo Compressor Module
  • Blue
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Germany

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