Dwarfcraft Devices Pitchgrinder Sequenced Pitch Shifter Pedal

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The Dwarfcraft Devices Pitchgrinder is a lo-fi, bit-crushed, pitch-shifting sequencer pedal and marks the boutique company's first swing of the digital bat. Set the length of your sequence from one to eight steps, then adjust the pitch of each step in the sequence with the eight rotary controls on top of the pedal. Change the speed on the fly with the tap switch, or stomp and hold that same switch to freeze the sequence in place. When it's time to get truly weird, flip on the Glide function to get the leaping/diving effect with each step of the sequence, simulating glide controls on vintage analog synths.

Product Specs

  • Pitchgrinder
  • Green
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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