The Drawmer 1969 is a Mercenary Edition 2-channel mic preamplifier and compressor designed and tested in collaboration with Mercenary Audio, and is a major update to the circuit and functionality of the original 1960 model. It uses an Burr Brown IC-based microphone amplifier followed by an FET compressor with tube stage. The compressor, when stereo linked, can operate in "Big" mode which inserts a HPF into the detector circuit so that low frequencies can pass through uncompressed.

Product Specs

  • 1969 Mercenary Edition Preamp Compressor
  • Black
  • 2000s

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    To start with I am not a technically oriented person so I mostly just listen to what effect I get from the tools I use. I've almost exclusively used Plugins for recording so this is m first piece of outboard gear. For recording.The aux section is nice. It sounds great running the bass through there.…