Featuring EQ Tilt control at 250 and 900Hz and intuitive controls for Comp, EQ, and volume, the Diamond Bass Compressor's sweet, warm sustain and boutique attenuation for lower frequencies make it an industry favorite amongst the rhythm section. Warm, vibrant, bright and responsive, the Bass Comp pro audio grade opamp makes it excellent for ensuring the smoothest low-end presence possible.

Product Specs

  • Bass Compressor
  • Yellow
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Canada

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Reviews for the Diamond Bass Compressor
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  • Smoooooth!

    Verified Purchase

    I love the Diamond on guitar so I bought the bass version for my bass. It is really great other than it is a little fast on the attack and makes your notes on a fast run a little squishy. Other than that it is golden! Love the EQ!!!!

  • Excellent Compressor!

    Verified Purchase

    This thing rocks! It will improve your tone and will compress it all at the same time without sacrificing your gain! A truly amazing product well worth every penny!

  • To be left turned on all the time

    Verified Purchase

    Not only this pedal makes your bass sound awesome - crisper and clearer- but it also looks awesome, better than what you can see on pictures. It just has a very satisfying deep yellow paint job.

  • FANTASTIC Compressor

    Verified Purchase

    All of the reviews you've read for this pedal are true. It naturally enhances, thickens, sweetens, and generally improves the sound of a bass. The tilt EQ and Comp control are both very usable across almost their entire sweep for different genres and musical settings. Cannot recommend highly enough.

  • Diamond Bass Compressor

    Verified Purchase

    Great Bass compressor !! Best one I've ever used. !!