The Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard adds a 32-key keyboard as well as pitch and modulation wheels to the Mopho Desktop, allowing for easier playability of this analog monosynth. Using one voice from the DSI Prophet '08 with an added sub-oscillator, the Mopho Keyboard differs from the Desktop version by featuring a USB port, one knob per parameter, and velocity and aftertouch sensitivity. The Mopho has ports for MIDI In, Out, Thru, and Poly Chain.

Product Specs

  • Mopho Keyboard
  • Yellow
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States
Number of Keys
  • 32 Keys

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Reviews for the Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard
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  • future classic!

    Verified Purchase

    You know, I ordered this one very late in it's life. It's discontinued, but manged to find a unopened new unit! I didn't need another "bass SYnth by any-means! Yet I believe that back in 08 when Dave created this one, he had to have the idea of the vintage PRO 1? So I thought this may be a true c…

  • Verified Purchase

    just getting into this thing and it's impressive so far.

  • Absolute GREAT!

    Verified Purchase

    It’s simply a fabulous instrument; it worth it 100%

  • Little. Yellow. Different.

    The Mopho is DSI's monosynth version of their amazing Prophet 08. It features an incredibly smooth Curtis LPF, robust modulation options, and one of the best keyboards I've ever felt on a mini (complete with aftertouch!). The mod and pitch wheels are perfect. I never knew how much I was missing out …