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Reviews for the Crate Palomino V32 30-Watt Tube Guitar Combo Amp
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  • Crowd Pleasing Anomaly

    The V Series amps are very good sounding. Pleasing clean tones and breakup at all volume levels if you want it. Most players are astounded at how good this amp sounds because Crate isn't known for quality or for good tone, but the company did make a few really good amps. This is one of them. This am…

  • Yes, it's a Crate, but you won't believe it

    Verified Purchase

    I first heard this amp at my tech's shop and I thought he was goofing on me, but no, it's a Crate. I had pretty much nothing but disdain for Crate gear having never come across anything worthwhile over many years of playing. However, this amp is AWESOME. Class A, made in the USA, Celestion speak…

  • Great amp

    I guess this thing was like a guitar center limited exclusive. Don't quote me on that. I got mine in like 2004ish and, after one tube replacement, it still kicks. A couple things, my reverb tank died years ago. I replaced it and then that one died. Took it to two shops, neither could solve the probl…