The Katzenkonig marries the best of fuzzed and distorted worlds with a streamlined four-knob layout, all-discrete circuitry for the highest quality signal path and response and a trio of silicon transistors for split personality effects monster. Translating to "Cat King," this double-duty workhorse summons the '80s arena buzzsaw of the classic RAT with the Germanium '70s psychedelia sound of a Tone Bender for a new ruler of the pedal roost.

Product Specs

  • Katzenkonig Fuzz/Distortion
  • Graphic
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Catalinbread Katzenkonig Fuzz/Distortion
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  • Katzenköning: A Dirty Rat You'll Wanna Keep Around 👍🏽

    Verified Purchase

    I had been vacillating over this pedal for a long time, watching video after video until I FINALLY pulled the plug and ordered it. It's a gain circuit that is a bit hard to describe, and as with all/any distortion pedals (this is by NO MEANS an "Overdrive!"), your mileage may vary. What I CAN say, i…

  • I absolutely adore running my Cat King at 18Volts! (Come on bring the noise!)

    Verified Purchase

    First, I'm a highly trained audio engineer with 20 years of experience. So, while I understand how this pedal might sound a bit noisy in some rigs, if you have properly isolated power with the ability to run it at 18v you will eliminate the vast majority of potential problems with noise while greatl…

  • Verified Purchase

    Ride the Catking in front of any tube driven clean amp and enjoy its mellow saturated tone while nailing Reelin' In The Years. No other pedal can breathe this fuzzy sustained Elliot Randall tone. Love it!

  • Amazing tone but just too noisy

    Verified Purchase

    So looking at the demos online, somehow, Andy and PGS was able to avoid the noise more than the Premiere Guitar demo, but I was prepared for a noisy pedal. It's a real heartbreaker because the tones this pedal make are killer: The Tonebender circuit is a smooth fuzz and just sounds like what rock …

  • Like they said...

    a RAT and Tone Bender in one. Love it!