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Reviews for the Boss PH-1 Phaser
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  • Boss ph-1 phaser.

    Verified Purchase

    Totally awesome pedal,was using a digital but this has now replaced it. This is classic in its sound,warm and subtle or in ya face effect.quiet operation no hissing and hums. Laid back music to rock or truly handles a lot.

  • PH-1 A Dyno little unit!

    Verified Purchase

    I love this pedal, it surprisingly reminds me a lot of my original Uni-Vibe (yeah the ones that sell for outrageous amounts cash (Shin-Ei). I never dreamed it would sound that much like the Uni-Vibe. At least I wouldn't be near as afraid to leave the house with this pedal like I would with the Uni-V…

  • Best compact phaser out there!

    As good as the über-popular MXR Phases 45 (2-stage) and 90 (4-stage) are, there is no option to vary the depth of the phase, so you are left with one intensity no matter how you set the rate. This little green box of goodness eradicates this problem by adding a depth knob to the equation, meaning yo…