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Featuring a streamlined interface of level, tone and fuzz controlling rare fuzz circuitry that Boss only used for a few years in the early '90s, the Boss FZ-3 gives classic fuzz with no frills. Capable of summoning warm germanium fuzz akin to Fuzz Faces, this pedal is great for psychedelia, garage, and classic rock.

Product Specs

  • FZ-3 Fuzz (Silver Label)
  • Metal
  • 1997 - 1999
Made In
  • Taiwan

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Reviews for the Boss FZ-3 Fuzz
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  • Hidden boss gem, favourite fuzz

    Suffice to say I was shocked when I plugged into the fz-3, I'd used the fz-5 prior and found it absolutely horrible, the 3 however is a beautifully rich analog fuzz that sounds somewhere between a fuzz face/muff and a crunch box, couldn't recommend this more

  • A must pedal for a pedalboard

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal doesn't use any integrated circuit so the tone is a lot more pure and natural. This pedal will sound much better than the previous Boss Fz-2. You will get a purer signal and a clarity that will be retained within the natural voicing of the unit.

  • The ultimate 70s "blaxploitation funk" fuzz

    This fuzz really can rip nicely when drive is dimed but that's not it's main job. It's real strength is providing a really harmonious, smooth fuzztone with near infinite sustain that still has a decent bite. If you're looking for something huge and nasty for your stoner doom band you don't probably …

  • Love this Fuzz!!

    Verified Purchase

    I love this pedal, it's a real hidden gem in the Boss family. I haven't compared it to the FZ2 or the digital FZ5 but this one provides endless sustain and is a real smooth fuzz that works well with other pedals. It's a keeper!!

  • One of my favorite pedals, hands down

    Verified Purchase

    I'm surprised and a little bummed it took me so long to try one of these. but better late than never! This is a great and seemingly overlooked fuzz pedal that wasn't around for very long. It's kind of reminicent of a Fuzz Face in some ways, but a bit more compressed maybe and with a less break up in…