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Reviews for the Ensemble Firewire Audio Interface
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  • Verified Purchase

    I was told by the seller that everything on the unit was in working order. As I went through the Apogee Ensemble I notice that the Headphone jack 2 in the front panel did not work. Also, the #1 input in the front panel for bass instrument input did not work either. I feel the seller did not advertise this product honestly.

  • Perfect Satisfaction!

    Verified Purchase

    So glad I scored this interface. Works perfectly with my Mac. Also Apogee has already been easy to contact with quick useful responses. Love the sound of the pre’s. The sock has been lifted from my recordings. The real deal!

  • apogee ensemble

    amazing product

  • Verified Purchase

    I mainly use this interface to practice along with tracks. The low latency mixer functionality helps minimize monitoring delay. The ability to use optical out with a seperate DAC is also huge for any mixing/monitoring tasks. The only reason I marked it as 4 is because it's an older interface and sof…

  • Apogee Ensemble

    Verified Purchase

    This interface is legit! Nice headroom on top of good pre's (75dB gain). Optional 8-in/8-out via ADAT (toslink). The Maestro app for Mac makes it easy to change settings and monitor signal. I like the ability (when the Ensemble is set as the Mac's sound driver) to be able to turn the interface up or…