AKG C414 EB w/ Brass CK12 Capsule (Pair)

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The AKG C414 EB, the second generation and most sought-after of the 414 series, introduced a second pad position (-20dB) and 3 high-pass filter options.

The original capsule in the C414 EB was the "Brass" CK12, as used in the AKG C 12 and Telefunken ELA M 251 microphones. This complex capsule used many parts and was exceedingly difficult to assemble and tension/tune for any sort of consistency, and was later replaced by the less-desirable (but more cost-effective) "Nylon" CK12, which used a nylon ring to secure the diaphragm to the capsule's backplate.

This pricing reflects a pair of C414 EB microphones.

Product Specs

  • C414 EB with Brass CK12 Capsule (Pair)
  • Silver
  • 1970s
Made In
  • Austria