Weird Gear with Andrew Huang, Episode 2: Folktek Mescaline

In our first episode of Weird Gear with Andrew Huang, Andrew found a vintage ‘60s drum machine called the Maestro Rhythm King on Reverb, ran it through Ableton Live's amp emulator for added character and depth, and used it to record an original song.

For episode two, Andrew is back with another odd find from the pages of Reverb. This time, it's a modular synth made by Folktek called the Mescaline. Designed by Arius Blaze, the Mescaline is an experimental synth made up of three panels—the Channel, Motion, and Mental—that can be connected to use as a standalone unit or installed into your Eurorack (individually or collectively).

Folktek Mescaline

The first panel, the Channel, was the easiest for Andrew to learn how to use. It features a touch-sensitive face with each hexagon representing a musical note. There's a master pitch control, but each individual hexagon can be tuned manually using the back panel. Channel also functions as an effects unit, featuring effects like reverb, tight delay, pitch-shift delay, and reverse.

The middle panel, Motion, is a sequencer. "There are some knobs to set the value of each step, and that's pretty much the only normal thing about it," Andrew explains, proceeding to demonstrate how the Motion is seemingly designed to limit your ability to build a consistent rhythm when using it as a standalone unit.

Lastly, the top panel is called Mental, and though Andrew has read the user manual front to back, there's no information whatsoever about what any of the controls actually do. But despite limited info, Andrew was still able to put together a rad original song with the Mescaline at its center.

Be sure to check out the video above to see the episode in full, and click here to download Andrew's original tracks for free right here on Reverb.

Weird Gear Vol. 2 - Folktek Mescaline
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